closing announcement

to celebrate the closing of thaniel ion lee's show, swanson contemporary will be having a musical event that includes r. keenan lawler and softcheque.

r. keenan lawler and thaniel ion lee met somewhere in the very late 90's/early 2000's, and have worked together in various contexts and situations. over the years they have done everything from improvisational duets to performance art, and other sonic and visual fusions.

the members of softcheque and thaniel have new each other long before the members of softcheque new each other. arsenio and lee met in a community college elevator in the late 90's , and their 'band' tek[yes] terrorized both non-profit galleries and punk rock clubs during the early 2000's. dane and thaniel met when he attended a performance of the 20 plus member version of the long lived and respected post-jazz collective that is known as sapat. warren and thaniel met via a mutual friend, and have been running into each other and having odd anti-hipster/pro-mid-fi w/o irony conversations ever since. in the writers opinion the band softcheque mixes good french pop, mellow prog, and non-borring smooth jazz into a sound that can only be described as sounding very experimental louisville without sounding like slint.this show starts at 830pm sharp and will end before 10pm